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Munshi Saraswati Mandir Granthagar

Indology Collection

The collection consists of over 10,000 books on various Indological subjects in Sanskrit, English, Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi. The library also has 1,400 manuscripts and some books in Pali and Prakrit.

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Bhavan’s Library has a rich and large collection of books on various indological subjects built over the year. While the collection is being used by researchers and students of Sanskrit and Indology, there are books in English, Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi on various aspects of Indian culture, translations and interpretations of ancient scriptures, Sanskrit litearture, and Indian systems of philosophy that may be of interest to any reader who wishes to gain from this rich repertoire of knowledge.


There are books on the 6 systems of Indian philosophy

  • Sankhya - dualist theoretical exposition of consciousness and matter
  • Yoga - a school emphasising meditation, contemplation and liberation
  • Nyaya or Logic - Nyaya Sutras that explore the sources of knowledge
  • Vaisheshika - a system of particularity and derives its name from its doctrine of atomic individualities (viseshas)
  • Mimamsa - demonstrates the validity of Hindu Dharma by systematizing the teachings of the Vedas
  • Vedanta – Tradition from the Upanishads and consists of three major perspectives – Dwaita, Vishista Advait and Advaita Vedanta.
  • Vedas and Upanishads
  • Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas and Bhagawad Gita – The library has an extensive collection of books on Bhagavad Gita
  • Dharma Shastra, Smriti and sutras

Books on various aspects of Buddhism – literature and studies, traditions, beliefs, branches of Buddhism – Theravada and Mahayana, etc. Some books in Pali are also available.


There are books on Jain literature, sects, teachings of Mahavira, karma philosophy and so on.

Sanskrit Language and Literature
  • Books on Sanskrit grammar, poetics, Kosh, etc.
  • History of Sanskrit literature, kavya, natakas, subhashitas, etc.
Science and Astrology

Books on Astrology, Hindu Mathematics, ancient science and astronomy are available.


The library has a collection of about 1404 Manuscripts in the form of Palm Leafs and Pothis on subjects like : Mysticism, Purana (Mythology), Tattvajnana (Philosophy), Jyotisha (Astrology) Veda, Smriti, Yogs, Kavyashastra (Poetics). The ‘Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts' is available with the library for reference.

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Contributions like articles, book reviews, book abstracts, etc. are welcome from Library Members, Bhavan’s staff, and friends and supporters of the Library.

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