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Munshi Saraswati Mandir Granthagar

Library Collections

Bhavan’s Library Collection has been categorised under 24 broad subject wise collections. To browse the Catalogue by Collection, click on the required link given on the left. Each collection has been further subdivided into more specific subjects. Click on the sub-topics and the books under that topic will be displayed.

Arts and ArchitectureIncludes paintings, performing arts, decorative arts, architecture, inscriptions, sculptures.
AstrologyPalmistry, Numerology, etc.
Bibliographies and CataloguesBibliographies and catalogues of books, libraries, manuscripts, etc.
BiographiesBiographies, autobiographies, letters, speeches, memoirs of people from across fields like politics, law, literature, art, etc.
BuddhismVarious aspects of Buddhism
GeneralGeneric Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, etc.
HinduismHindu scriptures, rituals, and other aspects of Hinduism
Hinduism (Sanskrit)Vedas, Upanishads, Smriti, etc. in Sanskrit and commentaries on them in other languages
History and CivilizationHistory of India and other countries.
JainismVarious aspects of Jainism
LanguagesLanguage studies, dictionaries, etc. of various languages except Sanskrit and Gujarati.
Leisure and RecreationSports and other leisure activities
LiteratureForms of literature like fiction, poetry, drama, essays, etc. from various countries and Indian regions except Gujarati and Sanskrit literature. Original and translations in Gujarati, English, Hindi, Marathi.
Medicine and HealthAyurveda, alternative therapies, fitness, etc.
Other ReligionsGeneral works on religion, and Chritianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism, etc.
PhilosophyWestern, oriental and Indian philosophy including vedanta, mimamsa, etc.
Politics and GovernmentPolitical and international issues of India and other countries.
PsychologyPsychology, para psychology, applied psychology
Sanskrit Language and LiteratureSanskrit poetry, drama and language studies, dictionaries, etc.
SciencesAstronomy, Mathematics, etc.
Social SciencesIncludes Law, Econonics, social issues.
TechnologyApplied sciences like engineering, etc. includes business and management
Travel and GeographyTravel guides, atlas, etc. related to India and other countries
ગુજરાતી ભાષા અને સાહિત્યGujarati fiction, essays, poetry, drama, folklore and language studies, dictionaries, etc.