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Gandhian Collection

The library has a collection of books by and on Mahatma Gandhi.

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"It is better to allow our lives to speak for us than our words."

- Mahatma Gandhi

Bhavan’s Library has a strong collection of books by and on Mahatma Gandhi in English, Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi. The collection includes a range of books like:

  • Letters, Speeches and Addresses
  • Memoirs and reminiscences by his close aides
  • Biographical works
  • Collections of his quotations and thoughts
  • Works on independence movement and history of India
  • Political ideologies - Passive resistance, Non violence, ahimsa, Satyagrah, conflict management, peace building
  • Social Views – on education, women’s conditions, etc.
  • Ashrams and way of life
  • Multi volume works like Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi and ગાંધીજીનો અક્ષરદેહ

The objective of the collection is to reflect the various facets of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and his message of peace, truth and non-violence. The collection may be of use to researchers of Gandhian studies and all readers who are interested to revisit Gandhiji’s experiments with truth, to delve deeper into the transformation journey of a lawyer into a leader of India’s freedom movement and an indomitable spirit who demonstrated his messages through his life.


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... and many more.

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Contributions like articles, book reviews, book abstracts, etc. are welcome from Library Members, Bhavan’s staff, and friends and supporters of the Library.

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