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Hind Swaraj Quiz

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By Kamala Subramaniam
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By Kamala Subramaniam
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By Kamala Subramaniam
806 pages
Price : Rs 1000/-


  • 8 Levels to Complete - 5 Standard Levels, Two Bonus Levels and One Super Level.
  • 100 Lucky Winners will get one of these books FREE.
  • Winners will be selected Randomly from those who complete all the 8 Levels successfully, on 02 October 2021.

"It is bad habit to say that another man's thoughts are bad and ours only are good and that those holding different views from ours are the enemies of the country."

Hind Swaraj [Chapter-1]
"The railways, too, have spread the bubonic plague. Without them, the masses could not move from place to place. They are the carriers of plague germs. Formerly we had natural segregation."
Hind Swaraj [Chapter-9]

"I would warn the reader against thinking that I am today aiming at the Swaraj described therein. I know that India is not ripe for it."

Young India [January,1921]

  • Hind Swaraj ...
    TEACHES the gospel of love in place of that of hate.

  • Hind Swaraj ...
    REPLACES violence with SELF-SACRIFICE.

  • Hind Swaraj ...
    Pits SOUL FORCE against brute force.

  • Hind Swaraj ...
    All religion should SURVIVE with EQUAL RESPECT.

  • Hind Swaraj ...
    If WE become FREE, India is FREE.

  • Hind Swaraj ...
    It is Swaraj, when we learn to RULE ourselves.

  • Hind Swaraj ...
    Swaraj has to be EXPERIENCED, by each one for himself.

  • Hind Swaraj ...
    We should do what we know to be right.

  • Hind Swaraj ...
    What we want to do should be done.

  • Hind Swaraj ...
    Real home-rule is self-rule or self-control.

Hind Swaraj PDF

Hind Swaraj PDF is available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam. To get a copy, send an email to or WhatsApp to 9324650285 mentioning the language.

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