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Munshi Saraswati Mandir Granthagar

Hind Swaraj Quiz

Hind Swaraj PDF

Hind Swaraj PDF is available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam. To get a copy, send an email to or WhatsApp to 9321388031 mentioning the language.

aberration: a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome.
abhorrence: a feeling of repulsion; disgusted loathing
abide: accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation)
abject: humiliating
abrogation: the repeal or abolition of a law, right, or agreement
accentuate: highlight
accrue: accumulate or build up
adhere: believe in and follow the practices of
advent: arrival or appearance
afflict: cause pain or suffering to
aglow: glowing
aloof: distant or detached
amass: gather or collect
amicable: having a spirit of friendliness
ascribe: attribute something to
assimilation: the process of taking in and fully understanding information or ideas
astray: away from the correct path or direction
asunder: apart; divided
B - C
bane: suffering or pain
barque: a boat
behoves: it is a duty or responsibility for someone to do something
belabour: argue, attack or assault
beseech: ask or beg
beset: trouble, attack or torture
blood-brother: a brother by birth
bosom-friend: (of a friend) close or intimate
brute: beast or animal
buffet: strike repeatedly and violently
charlatanism: a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud
comatose: in a state of deep unconsciousness
compulsion: the action or state of forcing or being forced to do something
contention: heated disagreement
converging: approach or come closer
cowed: cause (someone) to submit to one's wishes by intimidation
cower: crouch down in fear, tremble
decry: publicly denounce or blame
deduce: arrive at (a fact or a conclusion) by reasoning
delusive:misleading or deceptive
denounce: attack, expose
depise: hate or dislike
deportation: the action of deporting a foreigner from a country
depredations: an act of attacking or plundering
derogatory: showing a critical or disrespectful attitude
desirous: desiring
desist: cease or abstain
desolate: ruined or deserted
despise: regard with contempt
devoid: lacking or without
dished: having the shape of a dish; concave
dissensions: disagreement or dispute
dissuaded: discourage or prevent
distrust: the feeling that someone or something cannot be relied upon
dormant: sleeping, temporarily inactive
E - H
effeminate.: womanish or unmanly
encumbrance: hindrance or obstruction
enumerate: list
ephemeral: lasting for a very short time
epithet: nickname or title
eschew: abstain from or refrain from
exert: make a physical or mental effort
exorbitant: unreasonably high
expiation: the act of making amends or reparation for guilt or wrongdoing
expulsion: · dismissal or exclusion
exuberance: cheerfulness or high spirits
fetish: an excessive and irrational devotion to a particular thing
flimsy: light or fragile
foist: impose or force
fringe: the border or outer edges
gaol: jail
gnawing: persistently worrying or distressing
groping: search blindly with the hands
henchman: a faithful follower or political supporter
humbugs: deceptive or false talk or behavior
iconoclasts: sceptic or rebel
idolaters: a person who worships an idol or idols
illimitable: without limits or an end
imbued: inspire or fill
implore: beg someone earnestly or desperately to do something
imply: strongly suggest
impoverish: make poor
impregnate: fill
impute: find fault with
incensed: very angry; enraged
indigenous: native or local
induce: produce or create
infinitely: to a very great degree or immensely
infinitesimal: infinitesimal, minute
inimical: harmful or injurious
insolently: ill-mannered or bad mannered
intrinsically: in an essential or natural way
inviolable: never to be broken, infringed, or dishonored
inwardness: preoccupation with one's inner self; concern with spiritual or philosophical matters rather than externalities
J - O
jeopardy: danger, peril, at risk
jiu-jitsu: a Japanese system of unarmed combat and physical training like Judo
Kamadhuk: Kamadhenu
laudatory: complimentary, congratulatory, praising
machination: a plot or scheme
newfangled: Modern, new, novel
nonsensical: meaningless, senseless
noxious: poisonous, toxic, deadly
obviated: remove, get rid of
paragon: something perfect
paraphrase: rewrite
parasitical: exploiting
parched: dried out with heat
perchance: by any chance
perpetual: never ending or changing
pervade: be present and apparent throughout
pester: annoy, harass, trouble
pits: set against
pittance: a very small or inadequate amount of money paid to someone as an allowance or wage
plausible: credible, reasonable, believable
polyandry: polygamy in which a woman has more than one husband
populace: inhabitants, residents, natives
potentates: ruler, head of state, monarch
prate: chat, chatter, gossip
prattle: foolish or inconsequential talk
pristine: clean and fresh as if new; spotless
progeny: offspring, children
propagate: reproduce, spread
Q -S
quack: the characteristic harsh sound made by a duck
redress: remedy or compensation for a wrong or grievance
renegade.: a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles
repugnant: revolting
retrogression: decline
roguery: conduct characteristic of a rogue
rogue: a dishonest or unprincipled man
sap: gradually weaken or destroy
savagery: the quality of being fierce or cruel
scabbard: a sheath for the blade of a sword or dagger, typically made of leather or metal
scorching: very hot
suffragette: a woman seeking the right to vote through organized protest
suzerainty: a position of control by a sovereign or state over another state that is internally autonomous
T - V
tantamount: as good as, more or less
teeming: full of people or things; crowded
toned: having a particular character or attitude
unbridled: uncontrolled; unconstrained
unchaste: dishonest
undeceive: disillusioned, disappointed
unhinged: mentally unbalanced; deranged
unmade: without a hard, smooth surface
unmanly: weak or cowardly
unnerved: discourage, frighten
vent: outlet, inlet, opening
verily: truly; certainly
vivisection: the practice of performing operations on live animals for the purpose of experimentation or scientific research (used only by people who are opposed to such work)
votary: a person, such as a monk or nun, who has made vows of dedication to religious service

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